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The Action

With improvements in manufacturing methods, materials, and design the latest Steinway action offers the pianist a level of control and responsiveness previously considered impossible. 


Within the last decade, Steinway & Sons has built and installed more than 15 Programmable Logic Controlled Conditioning Rooms, enabling us to manufacture parts that are more exacting in dimension and can better withstand changes in temperature and humidity of the environment where a piano resides.

A computer-monitored measuring machine was developed and installed by our engineers that checks our action parts daily so that they are measured to an exactness of 1/32,000th of an inch, a level never before attained. This proprietary measurement tool takes multi-dimensional photographs to ensure that each part meets our vastly improved specifications.

With more exacting and precise parts, we have been able to significantly improve the up-weight of our piano keys so that our actions are more responsive than ever before — an improvement so vast, we could never have imagined achieving such responsive action, repeatable so quickly, a mere 10 years ago.

We have also introduced new materials throughout our action that reduce friction and resistance. These improved materials reduce action noise and wear-and-tear, so not only do our actions respond better and produce better tone, they also last longer and require less service.

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To call a genuine grand or upright of Steinway & Sons one’s own is an overwhelming feeling. Far more than just an exquisite instrument, it is an instrument of the highest expression and creativity. A Steinway intimately connects artist and listener, and invites its owner to join a tradition of musical perfection, making it an invaluable investment.

Make Steinway’s legacy of innovation part of your legacy.

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