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In addition to our fine selection of new instruments, we also offer pre-owned upright, grand and digital pianos that often include pianos from Steinway, Boston, Essex, Roland, Yamaha, Kawai, Schimmel, Fazioli, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Petrof, Heintzman and more.  These pianos come from trade-ins and trade-ups.  Our stock changes all the time, especially during the back-to-school rush. 

What's my piano worth?  Quite simply, it's a musical instrument. If it doesn't play well, it is not worth much, despite the name on the front. Cosmetic flaws and mechanical deficiencies will need to be corrected before the piano is good enough for even a student.  Oftentimes, the costs of returning a piano to playable condition take a customer by surprise.  It is not an inexpensive undertaking.  

Every used piano  in our Showroom has been inspected by a technician and had these deficiencies corrected.  If a defiency has not been corrected, it will be noted below.

All our Pre-owned Steinways have been certified as 100% Steinway.  If non-Steinway parts were found inside a trade-in, they have been removed and replaced with Genuine Steinway Parts.

If you are looking for a great pre-owned piano, please call or visit, or chat with a live representative online for more information.

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Please note:  We try to keep this page as current as possible.  We do not list a piano here until it is "ready to go"...that is, that is hasbeen received, tuned on-site, and received an expert setup.  Oftentimes, used pianos sell before we can upload them here.  Please give us a call or stop by to see our selection.


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