Steinway Piano Gallery

Division I:

•First Place: Charlotte Kiang 

Teacher: Joseph Fridman

•Second Place: Xinyue Liu

Teacher: Yang Gao

•Third Place: Jaylen Chen

Teacher: Esther Kim

•Honorable Mention: Sophia Zhang

Teacher: Jack Liu


Division II:

•First Place: Kevin Chen

Teacher: Marilyn Engle

•Second Place: Jessie Zhang

Teacher: Kathy Dornian

•Third Place: Riley Ngo

Teacher: Colleen Athparia

•Honorable Mention: Nicholas Ressl, Luka Coetzee, Lucia Guo

Teacher: Linh Nguyen, Derek Chiu, Kathy Dornian


Division III:

•First Place: Joshua Wong

Teacher: Marilyn Engle

•Second Place: Catherine Sun

Teacher: Kathy Dornian

•Third Place: Ray Zhang

Teacher: Rolf Bertsch


•Honorable Mention: Michael O’Neil, Dakota Perez, Anaïs Rojas Vélez

Teacher: Dale Wheeler, Karen King, Rolf Bertsch

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